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      Top-selling productsBSCI factory, EN71 and ASTMF963 standard

      Printing Tree Python We have designed various snakes, including Golden pythons, Burmese pythons, Tree pythons, Rattlesnakes, Cobras, etc., using advanced digital printing technology.
      The snake's image is very realistic and cute, with a very soft touch.
      The fabric is environmentally friendly,
      and the filling is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.
      Consult Now
      Volcano Dinosaur Playset This playset include 1 volcano house and 4 printing dinoes. It has 2 colors, brown and green, the size of the volcano house is 12 inch high, 11 inch long and 9 inch wide. Consult Now
      • Volcano dinosaur playset
      Digital Printing Plush Cushion We own advanced machine and professional digital printing technology, with the strength of the designers, super many styles optional selection. We have designs of wild animals and ocean animals, also we can print according to customer’s design or photo, we can print high definition design . Consult Now
      Digital Printing Plush Fishes Super soft fabric with professional digital printing technology, 100% restore the marine colorful fishes, they are real, small and cute, can help the children know the marine fish well. All styles of fish can be changed into a keychain, easy to carry. Consult Now
      Plush Teddy Bear Classic teddy shape, exprot fabrics, European and American toy standards, age 1+. Consult Now

      ProductCenterComplete categories,Various styles

      ForeignTradeCan choose carefully,Get satisfied products

      Plush Theme Toys Playsets


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      Boat hou...

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      Tree hou...

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      Manufacturer's strength, attentive service專屬定制,提升您的品牌價值


      快反模式 Fast reversepattern

      Sample time:1 day for customer's pattern;3 days for pictures;3-5 days for customer's concept.


      資深設計團隊 R&D design, senior design team

      Undertake customer instructions, images, and proofreading, and provide accurate samples.


      出口型工廠 professional manufactory of Stuffed toy export factory

      Professional production of Stuffed toy, export 20+years, BV international certification, BSCI factory factory.


      品質保證 Professional equipment, quality assurance

      ASTMF963,EN71-123, age 1+


      Best quality, best service

      Follow up orders one-on-one throughout the entire process, ensuring timely follow-up of each step and timely delivery of products.

      Huakai Style keep your heart


      WENDENG HUAKAI TOYS CO, LTD is a professional manufacturer and trading company that is devoted to the design, production, domestic and foreign sales of plush toys,gifts.Our factory is located in the beautiful jiaodong peninsula - weihai city, near to Qingdao port ,own very convenient transportation ...【More】

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